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The Internet

China Is Not A Market
Why the idea of a vast China market is illusory.
Fallen from Google
Google fires a sysadmin who acted too much like a teenager with its mail database.
Extortion on the Internet
Where making a hyperlink to a newspaper Web site brings in the scam artists.
The Google/AP Spat
The futile frustration of the Associated Press.
Media Bites Its Benefactor
Why traditional media companies disrespect their Internet benefactor. With appendix.
The Decay of the Public Internet
Network neutrality was dead before there was a debate on it.
The Legalization of Censorship?
Deep pockets purchase the suppression of free speech on the Web.
Newspapers Fail On The Web
The utter inability of the press to adapt to the Internet.
Ray Bradbury Hates the Internet
Bradbury hates the Internet and you are surprised? Why?
The Rants of a Sony Executive
A Sony media executive displays hostility to the Internet.
Web Makes Brit Soil Trou
Evil Internet cultists out to conquer world, says British Sir Oracle.

Written by Andy West on 19 September 2011.