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2008 election

Obama Myths
The guys has more lies slung at him than anyone.
The Joke of Election 2008
Folly at the national and state level.

2010 nosecount

Census 2010
The very act of counting noises in the United States angers people nowadays.


Follies of the United States
Recent events in light of the death of a nation.
A very brief biography of Abraham Lincoln on the occasion of his 200th birthday.
Three Books from the Book Sale
Three items of American history found in the rubbish of a local book sale.


America The Aged Teenager
No, American is not a teenaged boy. It is senile one.
The Great Ponzi Decable
Social Security is not fixable, no matter how much we tweak it.

tea party

We Want America Back?
The loud and raucous yearning for a nation that no longer exists.
Disrespecting the Flag
The road to dissing the flag is paved with good intent.
The Illusion of Conservatism
Conservatism does not mean a thing anymore — unless it is corporate autocracy.

the fails of obama

Disappearing Tax Money
Whatever happens to money in a stimulus package?
Public School Fail Obama-Style
The feds want to stop bullies … by becoming a worse one.

the muslim attacks

Ten Years After …
Usama laughs at us from Hell.


An Arrogant Abroad
An American woman is convicted of murder in an Italian court. Let the whining begin.
BA Without The A
The eagerness of Bank of America to cease being American.
Libraries As Vocational Shops?
Techspaces may be the future, but not on public expense.
That Is A Futile List
America lists its problems, but that's all it will do.
The Unreality of John Jones
A public education myth exploded.

Written by Andy West on 25 September 2011.