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Obama Myths

Like in past presidential elections, the 2008 elections were a volcano of lies, half-lies, damned lies, and statistics. And a lot of it did not come from the spin masters, either!

I have no intention of voting for McCain. I do not care about his war record or the time he spent in a prisoner-of-war camp. He is still an ill-tempered orangutang who is trapped inside the shoe of a great man whom he foolishly thought he could replace. If the other candidate were truly that despicable, then I would vote Libertarian.

Speaking of Libertarians:

Remember, the only vote that is wasted is the vote that is never cast.

To get back to the topic, Obama is not really that bad, regardless of the following that is said about him.

Obama is not an American citizen.

Obama was born in Hawaii. His mother is an American citizen. This makes him an American citizen. The nationality and citizenship of his father (a Kenyan) are irrelevant. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a racist.

Obama was raised in Hawaii and Indonesia, and educated at Columbia.

This means Obama was not raised among other blacks, was not influenced by either the transracial redneckery of the South or the civil-rights culture of black politicians. It also means he was educated into the elite culture of this country, which of course is, well, above all that. Obama does not need to be bought out by the moneyed elites: He is one of them. And the complaints that Obama is not, um, African-American enough is just another form of racism. After all, his father was a real African.

Obama is a Muslim or a crypto Muslim.

Gee, I had no idea that they had Muslims on Krypton. No wonder they spread across the Middle East, North Africa and central Asia so quickly.

Anyway, the rednecks think Obama is a Muslim or a crypto-Muslim. But no, he is a member of the United Church of Christ, one of the so-called mainline Protestant denominations.

And that is even worse. At least a Muslim believes in something.

Mainline Protestant denominations abandoned the fundamentals of the Christian faith in return for influence and acceptance in the Europophile educated classes of American society. People who attend such churches now do not believe in anything in particular except in the good of American society and culture. For that reason, actual believers in Christ tend to leave them for more orthodox groups. Children of mainline practicants drift out of them because those churches don't tell the kids anything that they don't already know. So the churches shrink in numbers and suffer schisms from time to time. But their tiny numbers (about 8% of the American people, mostly United Methodists) belie their great wealth and pull, which is why social climbers join them.

Obama is too young/does not have enough experience.

Too young? The guy is almost my age! Whoever says that is a dumbass!!

And the guy who travels on nuclear inspection tours with Dick Lugar, who is as much an expert on foreign policy as anyone, probably knows more about foreign policy than you and I.

If Obama were as young as he looks, then age would be a problem. But the real age issue is with the old fart who is running against him.

Obama made his career in Chicago politics.

That implies that Obama is somehow corrupt, as Chicago politics is notoriously so. But if one's origin in a corrupt political machine disqualified one from the office of president, then neither Harry Truman (Kansas City) nor John Kennedy (his own family) nor Lyndon Johnson (Texas) nor Bill Clinton (Arkansas) nor El Dubya himself (Texas again) would be allowed to serve as president. Indeed, the number of people who could serve would be remarkably few. That is price we pay for having so much power, money and pull at the top of the political heap: It repels the good and attracts the bad among us.

Obama will raise both spending and our taxes.

This is the usually Republican mantra. So what? El Dubya has been spending and spending like there is no tomorrow on his two pet wars and on tax cuts for his moneyed best buds. And the reason our taxes have not been going up is because El Dubya's minions have been selling the debt to China and Japan and the European Union. Remember that the borrower is the slave of the lender, and you can see where this is going. At least under Obama we will pay for what we are spending.

Obama is a baby killer.

There is no record of Obama having committed murder or manslaughter, or even being a suspect to an act of murder or manslaughter. Using such angry language against someone who supports abortion plays into the hands of the pro-abortionists, because they can then portray their opponents as screaming whackos in need of Prozac.

Besides, why is it that the death of a human embryo or fetus is bad, while the death of a young adult human in a futile war is good? Both deaths are evil, both are the result of human evil, and it is that evil that we should be fighting.

Written by Andy West on 31 October 2008. Updated 6 April 2010.