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We Want America Back?

I posted this back when the Tea Party came into existence at the start of 2009, after the Obama election, with their complaints about taxes and spending. I could not believe, then or now, that those people were complaining now, when Obamacare was the results of decades of political inaction and gullibility on their part. The Tea Party movement had since been discredited in my mind after being seduced by that batty woman from Alaska. — aw, 2011-03-26.

Here and there on lawns throughout my town are campaign signs that say NO MORE. No more what? It turns out that the signs have the Web address with the phrase We want America back.

What is this nonsense?

We want America back. Well, you can't have her back. She is gone. She has been gone for decades.

She once held the Bible as her conscience and guide. That's just it: Once. But the days when the Judeo-Christian consensus was dominant in the culture of the United States are gone, have been gone for a long time now.

She was born in the Revolution, and toughened in the Civil War and the crushing of the feudal South, to free the virtuous to be prosperous. But we've allowed those who hold nothing to be sacred, because we were awed by their accumulated wealth and their new-found cunning for publicity, to follow them in their love with the culture of a Europe that was about to commit a long suicide. After two world wars (neither of which were really our business) and an economic Depression made worse by political meddling, she died — but not before giving born to the nation that we call our own.

Before this country we love is totally lost. What do you mean, before? There is no before about it. It is already lost. You would think twenty years of governance by the worst, most incompetence bastisches even elected to office would have roused you from your complacent stupor. But it did not; and we let them trample on our remaining freedoms, on the social and political capital from the original United States. Why is it, now that just another bastisch gets elected, when you decide to wake up from your stupor, for the most base of reasons (the guy happens to be black) and when it is long too late?

You cannot have America back, not the America of the Founding Fathers, not the America of Abraham Lincoln, not even the America of the early twenieth century. It is gone for good. Prosperity and a series of victories against supposedly mighty European nations have made your ancestors complacent. And, in their complacency, they pissed away their spiritual and cultural capital. And then, after an another victory against the same mighty European powers, the new financial and social elites offered your ancestors a new order of personal peace and affluence. And your ancestors took it. And when they did, the original United States died, and a new United States rose to take its place.

So it is futile to ask for America back. It cannot come back. It is dead. Even if it could be brought back from the mists of history, the well-fed apelings of both coasts, in their skyscrapers and their studios and their college classrooms, will angrily resist because they have the most to lose if this America of today departs.

You have your ancestors, including the so-called Greatest Generation who fought World War II, to thank for the death of the America you so yearn for. My grantparents' generation was the one who threw out Christianity in the 1920's in exchange for a false, cheap freedom. Then, when their punishment came, the Americans of that day gave their lives to the base men of commerce and politics, who would lay the foundation for the nation we live in today.

You want America back? You might just as well demand immortality or eternal happiness or the worldwide conquest of religion φ in this world. None of that is ever coming.

Written by Andy West on 13 September 2009. Updated 26 March 2011.