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Jew-Hater: Child Of The Devil

Yes, it does look like the title of a D-list movie, except that the Jew-hater (the respectable name is antisemite) is real, and that (especially if you were Richard Nixon) she truly is of the devil.

Quite frankly, I do not care how long a reporter has served as a journalist on the White House beat (and she started in the early 1960's). When you make comments that mark you as an ignorant Jew-hater, you will suffer.

This reporter is old enough to have been an adult when the Holocaust, brought about by the Germans with the tacit support of the other nations of Europe, first came to light after World War II. You would think that such a person would know that there is no way in the Skank Pit of Hell that a Jew would ever return to Germany or Poland or any other nation in Europe — whose peoples are as antisemite as ever. You would think that such a person would at least be aware of the millenia-old devine promises of a homeland for the Jews in the country of Kanaˀan. But no. What is it about old age that turns some human beings into stupid racist maggots? And that reporter wasn't even a redneck, no prototypal Jew-hating bastisch like Jimmy Carter.

To withdraw from active duty at the age of 89 might not seem so remarkable, but [the reporter]'s fall from grace, from a coveted front row seat at White House briefings to retirement amid a chorus of denunciation, was abrupt.

It's an ignominious end to a career which began in 1943, when [the reporter] joined the wire service United Press International.

And that ignominity was deserved, given that the reporter brought it all down on her own head!

As for the reason why the reporter said that, I will make this as clear as I can. There is, and will always be, an Israel, a Jewish homeland in the land promised to their ancestors, Abraham and Israel. And the Jews are never going to leave that land, no matter whether you call it Israel, the older name Kanaˀan or the Graeco-Roman name Palestine. If you don't like that — and the whole sty of Jew-hating humans called the World does not — then you can go burn in hell.

Indeed, given God's immutable promise to curse those who curse the children of Abraham and Israel — you will!

Written by Andy West on 29 June 2010.