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Fairmount is governed by a six-member town council, elected to four-year terms on the year before a presidental election. (The next election will take place in 2011.) The council consists of five councilors and a clerk-treasurer. Among the five a president is chosen each year and the other four take on an aspect of the town's governance, such as police, fire, streets, parks, and water/sewage.

Fairmount Town Hall.
Town of Fairmount
214 West Washington Street
Fairmount, Indiana 46928-1968
Tel: 1-765-948-4632

The council meets on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7:00 pm in the council room of the Town Hall pictured above. The results of its meetings are published in the News-Sun, the local weekly newspaper for the Madison-Grant area. Until a couple of years ago, the town maintained the Web site, which included an online copy of the town's ordinances.

There are two other boards that oversee aspects of life in Fairmount. The Madison-Grant School Board, which governs the Madison-Grant United School Corporation and its five schools (high school, junior high school and three elementary schools, including Park Elementary in town) meets every month.

Fairmount sports a police department headed by a town marshall; a fire department; a water works, with an impressive new water tower and a new well; a large park, Playacres, with walking paths, several baseball diamonds, a shelterhouse, a newly rebuilt playground and several new pavilions; and two small memorial parks, one dedicated to our veterans, the other to James Dean.

Playacres accommodates whatever recreational fads appear in town. There was once a skateboard park where the big pavilion stands; a growing lack of interest and an abuse by outsiders compelled the town to remove it. Before the skateboard park, there was a tennis court next to a building where Scout troops met. The maintenance building along Madison Street was raised over a horseshoe court that was still extent in the 1970's.

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