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A map showing Fairmount's location in northern Indiana.

Fairmount is a small rural town of 2,954 people in east central Indiana.

It is located fifty-five miles (ninety kilometers) northeast of Indianapolis. You can get there on Interstate 69 by turning west off exit 55 onto state road 26 and then driving five miles (eight kilometers). The map at right shows its general location.

Fairmount is best known as the boyhood home of actor James Dean, who went to high school here. After his tragic death, James Dean was buried in the local cemetery.

Founded in 1850, Fairmount enjoyed a burst of remarkable prosperity during the Gas Boom at the close of the 19th century. After the gas ran out, Fairmount became a bed town for nearby industrial cities.

Visit these articles from Wikipedia and for demographics on Fairmount. Check out this awesome aerial view of Fairmount from the southeast; it is so vast it includes the Madison-Grant school complex.

There are Internet maps on Google (whose problems during 2009 are now gone), Mapquest and Yahoo!.

Points of Interest

A map of Fairmount with its most prominent points of interest numbered.

The chief attraction of this town is the life of James Dean. The town's annual festival in his honor, Museum Days, is held during the fourth weekend in September. The town is also home to several downtown shops devoted to antiques.

When you're in town, how about visiting these points of interest:

  1. James Dean's Resting Place
  2. James Dean Memorial Park
  3. Fairmount Historical Museum
  4. Fairmount High School
  5. James Dean Gallery
214 West Washington Street
Fairmount, Indiana 46928-1968
11580 South E 00 W
Fairmount, Indiana 46928-9318
217 South Main Street
Fairmount, Indiana 46928-1926
P.O. Box 92
203 East Washington Street
Fairmount, Indiana 46928-1700
102 South Main Street
Fairmount, Indiana 46928-1923
101 North Main Street
Fairmount, Indiana 46928-1655

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History of Fairmount
The Naming of the Town
The Gas Boom
J.P. Winslow House

points of interest

James Dean's Resting Place
James Dean Memorial Park
Fairmount Historical Museum
Fairmount High School


Back Creek
'Puddin Creek'
Lake Galatia


Site Map

Fairmount on the Internet

The Town of Fairmount has a Web presence again.

There are Fairmount industries, businesses and organizations with presences on the Web:

Armes-Hunt Funeral Home
American Mobile Power
The Back Creek Friends Church
The Citizens Exchange Bank
Enckhausen Shepherds
Fairmount Antique Mall
Fairmount Historical Museum
Fairmount Public Library
Fairmount State Bank
Friends of the Fairmount Public Library
Hometown Express
J & S Motors
The James Dean Gallery
Lone Oak Gardens
Madison-Grant Schools

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