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James Dean's Resting Place
A visit to the grave of actor James Dean.
James Dean Memorial Park
A small park dedicated to the memory of James Dean.
Back Creek
The stream that flows through (and effects) the town.
Lake Galatia
An out-of-the-way small lake with an interesting history.
The Gas Boom
Fairmount's natural gas prosperity in the late nineteenth century.
The Google Map of Fairmount
How the Google Maps version of Fairmount became a mess in 2009.
How Fairmount governs itself.
Fairmount 1940's
Fairmount in the days of James Dean's boyhood, from the DK book.
Fairmount 1877
A map of Fairmount in 1877.
History of Fairmount
A brief history of our town, with an old map.
Fairmount Historial Museum
On the town's museum to itself and James Dean, and Museum Days, too.
The Naming Of A Town
How a visitor to Philadelphia decided the name of our town.
Puddin Creek
The supposed "creek" within the town of Fairmount, Indiana.
Fairmount High School
The high school James Dean attended, and its current restoration.
J.P. Winslow House
The J.P. Winslow House, an ancient but well-kept house built in the 1860's.

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