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Why I Chose To Go To A Blog

I have been long aware that, given the way I use my Dysmey Post Web site for posting pages about my doings, that I was indeed using my site as if it were a web log (blog). This was pointed out to me by the producer of the Sound Experiment, a former radio show on IPR of which I was a big fan, when he called my site a blog. It wasn't, of course, but I saw his point.

There are other sites out there, like Blogger and LiveJournal, that host blogs; and they make it easier to add entries to them. My sister offered me an invitation to join LiveJournal back when getting a blog account was by invitation only. I declined because I saw no point when my own Web site filled the need just fine.

But lately I found that I did not have the time to plug pages into the site like I used to. I had a new job. I had a new house. I had to work to get that house into order, and to move decades of my own stuff into the new house. In short, I had little enough time to do what I used to do with the site.

Also, my site had become a target for all sorts of spam. I tried to just filter it out, but it was become too much of a hassle. I decided to buy another domain, and move my Web sit to the new domain. That made the site vanish from the Web. It also allowed me the decision to hive the blog function of somewhere else.

I decided that the somewhere else would be LiveJournal, where reside the blogs of my sister and certain other people I respect (this person, for example). So I set up an account. I liked it so much that I took the opportunity to buy a permanent account when a sale of such accounts came back in July 2007.

Learn what had become of that decision at the page Why I Ditched LiveJournal.