Part of the Dysmey Post

Why The Transfer?

I found that I had several reasons to move to another site.

cheaper site

The first reason was practical. I discovered that under my current Web site account I had more of such resources as storage and e-mail accounts than I would ever need. And since I need the money for other things (by this time I had a house of my own), I decided it was time to downgrade.

spam avoidance

Another reason involves spam. My e-mail accounts were being flooded by spam, and I wanted to ditch them the accounts. But most of the spam was going to my primary account, the one that my Web hosting service sends announcements to, and I could not get rid of that. But leaving it alone would have overwhelmed it with spam, which would have taken a long time to clean out. In the end I decided to simply ditch the site and let the spam fall into a big fat nothing.

i already have a blog

Another reason was the purpose of the site. I treated my Dysmey Post site as the equivalent of a blog. But then sites came about, like LiveJournal, that made blogging easier. I resisted them at first because I already had something like a blog. But then I tried LiveJournal; was impressed by it; and bought a Permanent Account when they became available. Now that I have a real blog, there was no reason to treat the Dysmey Post as one; so I changed its emphasis to essay anthology.

Written by Andy West 9 March 2008.