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Your parents told you that your were destined to do great things.

And you know something? You never imagine that those great things would involve an airplane crash into the ocean in front of a lighthouse, which holds a bathysphere that takes you into an underwater city with spacious rooms and halls in impeccable Art Deco design, but which leak sea water, are littered with corpses, are dwelled with murderous mutated freaks, and are patrolled by hulks in diving suits who guard little girls who suck mutagenic slime out of the dead.

[Moment to catch one's breath.]

That you have to become one of those freaks in order to fight your way out of the city, ruined by a civil war between its Objectivist power-drunk ruler and his amoral power-hungry rival, is not the worst of it. The worst of it is what you have to do with those little girls you capture after you defeat their hulkish protectors.

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In Rapture, it's all about the sea-slug juice.
Too much sea-slug juice melts your mind and body — and makes you ramble!
There are (and were) normal folk about. Some help; some aim to hurt.
Walkthroughs and summaries of the game's levels.
What to eat, drink, smoke, buy, and build.
Things to dispatch your enemies to that great cocktail party in the sky.
This is the stuff that does not fit in the other categories.

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Rewritten by Andy West on 18 July 2009.