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Bioshock Levels

A map of the levels of Bioshock

1. Lighthouse

Your airplane crashes in front of a mysterious lighthouse. Inside it is a bathysphere that takes you to a city under the sea. Visit The Start of Your Itinerary for more.

2. Welcome Lobby

You discover that a city that is beautiful from the outside is so horrible inside: Mad mutated citizens roam the halls as the sea fights to retake the city. But you got Atlas to guide you in return for help in rescuing his family. Visit Welcome to Rapture for more.

3. Medical Pavilion

The city's nexus for medical services has fallen into neglect, with its doctors eager to open you up. And Steinman, its head cosmetic surgeon, is the worst of the lot. That's bad for you, for Steinman has the key to the bathysphere to Neptune's Bounty. Visit Medical Pavilion for more.

4. Neptune's Bounty

The three-level seaport holds the entrance to the smugglers' hideout. That entrance is guarded by Peach Wilkins, a paranoid fisherman who fears that his evil ex-boss Fontaine might come back from the grave. For Wilkins you will have to find and use a research camera. Visit Port Nepture for more.

5. Smugglers' Cave

The submarine where Atlas' family is hiding is right there! But Atlas can't reach it. You have to throw a switch to let him into the sub bay — and incur the wrath of Andrew Ryan! Visit The Smugglers Cave for more.

6. Arcadia

The undersea forest of Rapture supplies the city with oxygen — until Ryan kills the trees with herbicide. He also kills Julie Langford, the professor who planted the trees and has the means to restore them. Now you have to restore the trees yourself. Oh, and watch out for the Saturnine. Visit Arcadia for more.

7. Farmers' Market

The crops of Arcadia were made available here. They still are here, but they are rotted; and the aggressors cannot eat them even if they were fresh. No matter: You need to collect distilled water and bee spit for ingredients to restore Arcadia.

8. Fort Frolic

You are trapped here by Sander Cohen, the mad artist who runs the city's arts and entertainment quarter, for whom you must kill three of his ex-disciples and take photos of their corpses for his Quadtych. Visit Fort Frolic for more.

9. Hephæstus

In this industrial section of the city, you discover just how cruel Ryan has become. Ex-allies who tried to kill Ryan hang as trophies in front of his magnetically-locked door. One of them tried to build an EMP bomb to break the lock; and now you must finish his task. Visit Hephæstus for more.

10. Ryan's Office

You find Andrew Ryan. You kill Andrew Ryan. You do the final bidding of Atlas. And both rub the smelly truth in your face.

11. Olympus Heights

Dr. Tennenbaum, a scientist who once worked for Fontaine, saves your life so that you can defeat him. But Fontaine has set your heart to self-destruct; and to find a cure you must explore what used to be the homes of Rapture's well-to-do. Visit Olympus Heights for more.

12. Apollo Square

This quarter of the city, which holds the homes of Rapture's working class, has been turned into a concentration camp. Another dose of your cure hides in this ruined section of the city. So does the headquarters of Atlas near the bathysphere station. Visit Apollo Square for more.

13. Point Prometheus

You try to seize Fontaine, but he escapes through a door only Little Sisters can open. To recruit them, you must become a Big Daddy by gathering and putting on the scattered components of a Big Daddy suit. Visit Point Prometheus for more.

14. Museum Gauntlet

As a Big Daddy you escort a Little Sister through an abandoned museum and protect her from aggressors. Visit The Museum Gauntlet for more.

15. Fontaine's Lair

Pumped up with enough Adam for an army, Fontaine is now a monster. You must drain him of Adam and pound him to a pulp as he summons plasmatic powers, security bots, and aggressors (in that order). Visit Fontaine's Lair for more.

0. Unreachable Levels

There are levels that are mentioned in the game, but which cannot be reached. More in Unreachable Levels.