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Bioshock 2


It has been the better part of a decade since the last visit to Rapture.

At least you didn't have to visit the City by crashing an airplane. You just materialize out of nowhere inside this glass booth. And then you fall on your face. Well, you don't remember the glass booth part — in fact, you don't remember much of anything. You just know, that you are a Big Daddy, and your Little Sister needs you.

The problem is that nothing has changed much in Rapture in all those ten years. The spacious rooms and halls in impeccable Art Deco design are still there, and they are still leaky and corpse-strewn. Those rooms are still full of murderous freaks — now freakier, and now religious. The place is still patrolled by hulks in diving suits who guard little girls who suck mutagenic slime out of the dead.

But above all that is your own Little Sister. You have to find her. And the new ruler of Rapture, who happens to be the Little Sister's mother, will throw every possible obstacle in your way.

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Adam and Plasmids
It's all about the sea-slug juice, plasmids, tonics and all that.
Little Sisters and Big Daddies
The cuties are back, with more Protection per gram.
They still ramble; and they've gotten a lot tougher and uglier!
Bosses and Other Characters
Even the normals have something wrong with them.
There are fewer levels, but they are more intense.
More to eat and drink and build, but nothing to invent.
Weapons and Security
Weapons fit for a Big Daddy, but no sinful cocktail party in the sky for your enemies.
Walking The Ocean
Even Big Daddies need a break now and then.
Something in the Sea
The lure of Rapture calls one man — after his daughter is kidnapped!
Rewritten by Andy West on 12 June 2010.