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Walking The Ocean

Your avatar, as a Big Daddy, has his own oxygen supply, so you can walk the ocean floor. Walks through the octopus' garden in the shade — and a beautiful garden, too, as shown in the nine-minute walkthrough — gives your avatar a rest from his hectic schedule of protecting Little Sisters, kicking splicer bum, and telling Dr. Lamb where she can get off. You discover this new ability at the Adonis Resort, where the Big Sister decides to slice an arc across a window and bring the ocean crashing down on you.

While outside, you can view the vaste cityscape of Rapture. You can also find those black and magenta sea slugs (whose stem cells are responsible for the bizarre gardens) to grab for the extra ten units of Adam.

You can see Big Sisters swimming about the city. They will not attack you, nor can you attack them.

When you are ready, there are airlocks that let Big Daddies like you go in and out of the ocean.

You will find yourself walking the ocean at the Adonis Resort, Siren Alley and Fontaine Futuristics.

Updated on 16 May 2010.