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Consumables in Rapture
Consumable Health Eve
Common in Both Games
Creme Cakes  
Eve Hypo   ↑↑
First Aid Kit ↑↑  
Pep Bar
Potato Chips  
Canned Food in Bioshock II
Green Beans  
Potted Meat  
Medicinals in Bioshock II
Dr. Hollcroft's Cure-All


Money (R$) and Adam return, used in the same way as in Bioshock. Adam is gone over in its own section. Money is found on dead splicers, Protectors and Big Sisters, as well as lying about in clips for you to pick up.

Your wallet limit is set at R$600, at least until you reach research level two on thugs, whereupon your limit is raised to R$800.


First-Aid Stations are back, costing R$15 unhacked and R$9 hacked.

First-Aid kits are also back. You can them scattered about. You can also get at least one by smashing a First-Aid station. Or, you can get the blue area when cracking a First-Aid station for a free kit.


Eve hypos are back, available lying about on the ground, buyable in vendors, or found on dead enemies (esp. Big Sisters). On the first two levels, you can get free hypos from Eve dispensers.


The following vendors return: Circus of Values vending machines (ammo, consumables), El Ammo Bandito vending machines (ammo only), Gatherers Garden plasmid/tonic dispensers, and Power to the People weapon upgraders. There are no crafting machines in Bioshock 2.

As mentioned, there are Eve dispensors on the first two levels. There is also a tool dispensor in the underbelly of the Atlantic Express station, which pop out remote hack darts.


All the consumables in Bioshock, as shown in the chart at right, make a return. Delta can consume them, although it is not known how, as Big Daddies have no mouths.

There are also new consumables: canned meat, sardines, canned peaches, canned green beans, vitamin pills and aspirin. Then there is Dr. Hollcroft's Cure-All and Pick-Me-Up, a quack medicine that, nonetheless, gives you a boost in both health and Eve.

Updated on 16 May 2010.