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Splicers, genetically self-modified lunatics, return in Bioshock II. After years of Adam addiction, splicers are angrier, tougher and more gregarious, attacking in larger groups. Many of them are now members of Sofia Lamb's Rapture Family. They wear the blue morpho butterfly pins on their lapels or masks as badges of membership. Rapture Family beliefs also color their speech, especially the Duckies.


All the splicer types from Bioshock are back except the Nitro, whose role has been merged into the Leadhead. There are also a new type of splicer, and an old type has been completely redesigned.


Club-wielding splicers appear only in the first four levels. Pauper's Drop is their last level, so getting and using the research camera on them most pressing if you want to expand your wallet and obtain the Scrounger tonic.


Gun-toters are found on all levels. Bearing pistols and machine guns at first, leadheads later graduate to shotguns. Also, they can now toss grenades and Molotov cocktails, always with a snappy crack:


Teleporting, fire-spitting Houdinis visit you starting in Dionysus Park, appropriately first showing up in the Cohen's Collection branch, and appear in all subsequent levels. The fireball pitchers (there are no ice Houdinis in Bioshock II) play the supporting role in the Fountaine Plasmid Spectacular, in which your avatar is forced to star.


Now also called Crawlers, these are now a model unto themselves: Tall, lanky, four-fingered, grossly deformed in head and face, and extremely tough. They act like in the original game, except they also can cover great distances, swinging hooks all the way, to get to you. Crawlers are in terrible mental agony, suffering from incurable insomnia and hallucinations. They first visit in Siren Alley — indeed, Father Wales is a Crawler — and hang around in Dionysus Park before disappearing for good.


Brutes are also a new model, basically human tanks formed from over-consumption of sports tonics. Brutes are as tough, as strong and as nasty as an angry Big Daddy, except that it can run faster and jump farther. They appear first in Pauper's Drop, home of Leo Hartwig, whose 'King of the Jungle' concoction turned him into the first Brute. They also appear in Siren Alley and the Persephone levels; in Inner Persephone Brutes are upgarded to tougher Elite status.


Most of the models for the Thugs, Leadheads and Houdinis return, looking somewhat different.


She still acts as though she has looks and talent: The last she never had, and the first she has lost so much that she now looks like Skeletor's daughter … with bobbed hair. You can endure the Babyjane experience in Atlantic Express, Pauper's Drop, the Persephone levels and especially Siren Alley, where she works in the brothels.


He is still determined to become rich and so important in this dog-eat-dog world, but at least he is realistic about the world he is in (Rebuild the city? You got to rebuild the population first!). You find him in Atlantic Express, Pauper's Drop, Siren Alley, Dionysus Park, and Fontaine Futuristics.


The Waders model gets a promotion to Rapture Security under Lamb. As the new Ducky, he babbles the same religious stuff as before, with influences from Lamb. You can prey with him in Adonis Resort, Ryan Amusements, and Inner Persephone.

Dr. Grossman

Still incompetent, still insecure, and still screaming into the dark, I'm the goddamned doctor! You will find him griping at you, the nurses, and just about everyone else in Adonis Resort, Fontaine Futuristics and Inner Persephone.


She is the mistress of this house, no matter what house she is in, and she is determined to let you know it! Her ladyship is found in Adonis Resort, Ryan Amusements, Paupers Drop, Dionysus Park, and Fontaine Futuristics.


He is still looking for love in the all the wrong places, except that he himself looks a whole lot worse. He is found in Atlantic Express, Ryan Amusements, Siren Alley, and Dionysus Park.

Updated on 10 April 2010.