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Weapons and Security


Note: Normal capacity on each weapon is given. Researching Alpha Series Big Daddies will increase your ammo capacity on all weapons.


As a Big Daddy, this is your melée weapon: Bore enemies dead.

Originally, the drill was supposed to overheat if used continuously, like the Sten Gun in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. But that idea was dropper later in development. Now it uses drill fuel, with a full/empty gauge. There are cans of fuel everywhere. They can be bought at vending machines, or scavanged off dead bodies. There is even a functional fuel station in Pauper's Drop.

Fuel (300 units)
lubrication, damage increase via augurs; reflector (sends projectiles back at enemies).
Daddy Dash (gives you that Big Daddy shoulder dash) and increased melée damage, from researching Brutes. Researching Big Daddies also brings more drill power.
Drill Power (1 and 2), Drill Vampire, Drill Lurker, and Freezing Drill. There is also Drill Specialist, found in Dionysus Park, which drastically lowers Eve use in plasmids in exchange for giving up all your weapons but the drill, camera and hack tool.

Rivet Gun

Punch holes in your enemies with it. This takes three kinds of rivets: Regular, Heavy, and Trap (works like a mine, popping enemies with secondary rivets when they cross its flame-like field).

Rivet (12/28), Heavy (originally Magnun) Rivet (12/24), Trap Rivet (12/24).
greater damage, more capacity (regular rivals at 18/54); heated rivets at random.
Headhunter (head shots do more damage).

Hack Tool

This radio device replaces the gun-like Auto-Hack Tools from Bioshock. It takes two kinds of ammo: The Remote Hack Dart, which lets your avatar hack devices from a distance; and Auto-Hack Dart, which cracks a device instantly on contact. A third 'ammo' is the Mini Turret, a portable ball-like turret which sprays enemies with bullets for a time before it explodes like a bomb.

Hack Dart (1/8), Auto-Hack Dart(1/5), Mini-Turret (1/4).
Careful Hacker, EZ Hack, Hacker's Delight, Hurried Hacker, Quik-Hack; Thrifty Hacker (vendors only).

Gatling Gun

Here is a high-powered four-barreled machine gun, that takes the same ammo as Bioshock's Machine Gun.

.50 Bullets (40/240), Anti-Personnel (40/160), Armor-Piercing (40/160)
greater damage, reduced recoil; ricochet ability.

2X-Barrel Shotgun

This delivers twice the punch of Bioshock's single-barrel Shotgun. Its ammo differs somewhat from the regular Shotgun: solid slugs replace Electric Buck, and Incindiary Buck is replaced with crackling Phosphorus Buck.

00 Buck (2/22), Phosphorus Buck (2/10), Solid Slug (2/10)
greater damage, more capacity (6 instead of 2 per reload); tesla coil (for electrified shot)

Research Camera

This works like in Bioshock, but shoots movies in real time. The targets glow while the camera is filming them. The more, and more varied, your attacks on a target, the greater your research score.

none (reel only)
Damage Research, Keen Researcher (1 and 2), Extended Reel

Spear Gun

This nasty customer runs enemies through and fixes them to a surface. The spears that do this are recoverable. To regular spears we add rocket (explodes after setting the target and any else nearby on fire) and and trap (works like the Bioshock Trap Bolt).

Spear (5/15), Rocket Spear (5/15), Trap Spear (5/15)
greater damage, superior gunsight; greater acceleration


A giant replacement for the Grenade Launcher, that shoots the same ammo: (grenades, mines, rockets), except that the frag grenades are not hand-made.

Frag Grenades (3/12), Proximity Mines (6/6), RPGs (6/6).
greater damage, splashback immunity; cluster bombing.


Hacking has changed from a pipe puzzle to an ohmmeter dial. The dial has equal graduations that come in four colors: White (zaps you hard), red (summoms bots after you), green (success) and blue (success with extras). Basically you press the F key to try to land the dial needle on a green or blue segment from one to four times in a set period of time. You can buy out the puzzle as well by pressing the B key; but that gets very expensive over time. If you hit a red area by accident, you can work the dial again and turn off the alarm by hitting a green/blue area.

As the game progresses, the hacking becomes more difficult: The speed of the dial grows; the width of the green segments narrows; the number of times you need to hit the green segments grows; and the number of seconds in the game shrinks. Gene tonics can better your work.

cracking tonics

Careful Hacker (+)Slows down the dial.
EZ HackWidens the green and blue sections.
Quik-HackGives you more time to hack.
Hurried HackerForces the hack to success at once when you hit a blue area.
Hacker's Delight (+)Successful cracks feed you some health and Eve.

As in Bioshock, the general and ammo vending machines, and the security devices are crackable. So are a new device, the door control, starting with the first time you try out the Hack Tool. Safes are also crackable, but exceptionally difficult, so save your Auto-Hack Darts for these.

Combo locks are not crackable in Bioshock 2. However, the game provides hints. If you find the right hint for the right lock, the game will present the combination when you work on the lock.

successful cracks

DeviceGreen CrackBlue Crack
Door Control Door is unlocked.n/a
Security Bot Bot serves you and attacks your enemiesDitto, but bullets pack more hurt.
Turret Turret serves you and attacks your enemiesDitto, but bullets pack more hurt.
Camera Camera summons bots against enemies.Ditto, but alarm lasts longer.
First Aid Station Dispenses cheaper health, and poisons splicers who use it.Ditto, and dispenses a free First Aid kit.
Vendor More items at lower prices.Ditto, plus a random free item.
Safe Safe is unlockedDitto, and you get more cash.


The security triad of camera, bot and turret will return. Along with the regular turret, there will be the already-mentioned Mini Turret, small and deployable, which you can set down to defend the Little Sister during her gruesome task. And, for those bots and turrets you have cracked, there are special gene tonics.

security tonics

HandymanLets you repair your bots and turrets.
Assigns random names to bots.
Hardy MachinesToughens bots and turrets to enemy attacks.
Deadly MachinesMakes bots and turrets deal more death to enemies.


The video camera found in the pawn shop in Pauper's Drop examines vulnerabilities of its targets to damage by various plasmids and weapons. Points are tallied while the camera runs; varying weapon and plasmid attacks adds more and faster points. There are five categories of splicer and one each of Big Daddy, Big Sister, Alpha Series and Security. There is no category for the Little Sister, nor are there separate categories for the three types of Big Daddy or four types of Security.

There are four research levels (instead of the five in the original game), the highest of which produce most sought-after tonics.

research rewards

Category Reward Highest Reward (tonic)
Thug Bigger wallet (R$600 → R$800) Scrounger
Leadhead Security reacts more slowly Thrifty Hacker
Houdini Slower, bigger materialization Natural Camouflage
Spider Faster feet, Spider organs = First-aid kitsFountain of Youth
Brute Drill dash, more melée power Armored Shell 2
Big Daddy More drill power Arms Race
Big SisterMore Eve capacity Drill Vampire
Alpha More ammo capacity Elemental Storm
Security Double ammo on destroyed turrets Deadly Machines

Updated on 16 May 2010.