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Resurrection of Evil Summary

The Union Aerospace Corporation had forsaken its Mars research facility after the demonic invasion of November 2145, publicly claiming a massive industrial disaster.

Some time later monitoring satellites over Mars detected a radio signal from somewhere inside Site One, the archeological dig from which the UAC discovered the ancient Martian civilization and its teleporter technology. The UAC promptly assembled a research team headed by Dr. Elisabeth McNeil, who was head of the Site One dig before Betruger reassigned her to Earth just before the invasion.

It is now 15 March 2147. You are a space marine engineer assigned to the team that has traced the signal to a walled-up room deep inside Site One. Inside that room is a floating object that looks like a beating heart. You reach out to take this Artifact. Doing so unleashes a wave of energy that destroys your teammates — and opens a new portal to Hell.

Betruger, now the talking tongue-tip of the supreme demon Maledict, immediately mobilizes his demon army and despatches three Hunters to retrieve the Artifact — preferably from your dead body.

Level Summary Weapons Cab Code1 Monsters
Main Excavation Okay, maybe you shouldn't have grabbed that, esp. since Betruger the Magic Dragon has sent his hunters after you. But since you have it, you must get it out of the excavation site. Fists
Machine Gun
  Flaming Skull
Erebus Dig Site It's a tough job fighting that first hunter who seems to be all over the place. Once you defeat it, though, the Artifact slows time to a crawl for you. That is necessary to navigate the trap between you and the dig site lift. Grenades 516 Vulgar
Hunter #1
Erebus Labs You must find a cipher key stele and deliver it to Dr. Cloud, a colleague of McNeil. While you're at it, pick up some shotgun goodness that Sarge left behind. Two-barrel shotgun
Erebus Control This starts with a maintenance worker telling you to find two power pods to juice up the maintenance lift. It ends with the worker dead near the exit. In between: You kicking zombie and demon bum. 937
Erebus Research You deliver the cipher stele to Dr. Cloud. Then you wade through toxic goop on your way to meet Dr. McNeil. Chaingun Cherub
Hazmat Zombie
Erebus Station A nice walk in the fresh Martian air and a guided tour of an underground tunnel on your way to the tram station — where a big heartthrob awaits to keep you from proceeding to Phobos Labs. Sentry Bot 134 Revenant
Hunter #2
Phobos Labs 1 You need to activate the Phobos teleporter to reach Delta Labs. Is Betruger going to let you? Nope. Rocket Launcher
Plasma Gun
Commando Zombie
Phobos Labs 2 You meet the good Dr. McNeil, your first Bruisers, and the Electric Hunter. 2813 Bruiser
Hunter #3
Phobos Labs 3 You must shut down the power reactor and life support to Phobos Labs. Between those two are three death traps: The Revenant Room, the Vulgar and Wraith Maze (you'll get help from a sentry bot here), and the Hellknight Tunnel. 492
Phobos Labs 1 Welcome back to Phobos Labs 1: Now try the Phobos teleporter. Archvile
Delta Labs Delta Labs, along with the whole of Mars City, has become an extension of Hell, complete with floating teleport points. Find the point in Dr. McNeil's old office to reach the main Delta teleporter. BFG 9000 6344 Tick
Hell It's dim; it's smokey; and you're not at all welcome here. You must fight dark armies (most of which are amendable to your grabber) to win the right to a final showdown with Betruger. Even if you don't survive, you'll give them a fight to remember. Maledict/Betruger
1 Cabinet codes are good for all cabinets on a given level.
2 Code to open the clear cabinet holding Sarge's double-barrel shotgun and an orange access card.
3 Code to extend a security bridge.
4 Have you noticed the first and last digits are identical to the codes for those very cabinets in Doom 3?


In the final cutscene, the Maledict seizes you in its mouth and mauls you. As you lie paralyzed on the ground Betruger hangs over you and demands the Artifact. You shove it down his throat. The Artifact consumes the Maledict until all that is left is Betruger's skull rolling past you. Then everything goes white and you hear the voice of Dr. MacNeil saying: Marine, marine! Welcome home.

What that ending implies is a matter of debate. It could imply that the Marine survived, or that he died and went to Heaven. I think the latter is probable:

It's just as well. The Marine has earned his rest.

Besides, it is not the end. Hell and its denizens are still there. The UAC is still there. Both are messing for some mischief. Doom is surely not dead yet!