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World of Goo: A Walkthrough

Construction is about to begin.

Here is the start of one of the earlier levels. You will build a bridge to the intake pipe on the other side of the chasm.

You start off with a base, on which the Goo balls you need for your bridge are moving about. There are more Goo balls on the other side. They are sleeping now, but they will awaken when your bridge reaches them.

Your goal for this level is on the lower right. Here you need to collect eight balls of Goo. If you are good enough, you can collect more than that. The excess is sent to the World of Goo Corporation™, where you can make towers out of them.

The bangs from the sign at left tell you that you need to read the sign.

The bridge is being built.

Your bridge is under construction. You are dragging a Goo ball, as shown by the four pointers around the ball. You can just see the bonds being formed between the ball and the bridge below.

Notice that you are building up rather than forward. That is because the gravity will pull the structure down, and you want to be able to span the chasm when that happens.

The chasm is spanned.

It was tricky, but you managed to span the chasm. The Goo balls on the other side wake up and jump onto your bridge. Now you need to reach out to the intake pipe.

Into the pipe they go.

The last several Goo balls connect your bridge to the intake pipe. The pipe exerts a suction that pulls in the remaining free Goo balls into the vat on the right. It looks like you have more than enough Goo to make the goal on the lower right.

At this point, you are greeted with cheers as your stats for the level appear. Pull the lever to start the next level.

Lift the gates and then the box.

In this level you have balloon Goo, with which you need to lift the gates, one at a time, and then the box of Goo below them. The ultimate goal to lift that box to the intake pipe pointed to by the arrow above.

Hint: The balloon Goo are reusable. But they are fragile and will pop, so watch yourself.

Clamber up the two towers.

Ah, those green leafy balls of Goo! They look like something tasty out of that Dr. Seuss book, Green Eggs and Ham. And you can pull them off and bind them anew. In fact, you must to climb up the ever-widening gap between the two towers to reach the intake pipe.

The goal says two Goos, but you can pull balls out of your final masterwork to feed the pipe until the structure finally falls in pieces to the ground. But by then your work will be done.

Notice the little white thing in front of the sign? The inset above it shows you a time fly, which pops like a flashbulb to take you back one move. This is useful in case you do sometime foolish, or daring, depending on viewpoint.

Written by Andy West on 1 February 2009.