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World of Goo: Types of Goo

This table lists some of the types of Goo you can find in the first three chapters of the game. (I myself have not yet gotten past chapter four.)

Goo Ball Color/Shape Property
Common Grey, Black, Milky White Your standard building ball of Goo.
Ivy Green You can pull out such balls apart and use them again.
Balloon Pink Lighter-than-air balloons for lifting structures.
Drool Clear Provides a counter-weight.
Fuse Red Combustible, used in setting off bombs.
BoneSkull This does not burst on contact with spikes or other surfaces.
Pokey Yellow This spouts love spikes to stick fast to surfaces, and is strong enough to drag structures with it.
Sticky Bomb Dull Grey Bomb This adheres to surfaces like a yellow Goo, but is explosive.
Lips Pink or Orange Goo balls that result when a giant pretty/not-so-pretty Goo ball is broken up. Used only in meeting minimum intake, not in building.
Eyeball White w/ Black Dot An eyeball, otherwise like a balloon. Unique to the last level of chapter one.

Written by Andy West on 1 February 2009.