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Projects & Stuff


my local net

A very little Linux server, and how it got that way.

my car

1997 Ford Aspire
My ride? It was once, and for a long time.
2009 Honda Fit
My current car.

my house

House Projects
The house looked okay when I bought it, but still…
Cable Conduit Project
To protect my telephone, network and television cables.
Back Roof Project
Repairing a leaky back roof.


Doom 3
How to work the id FPS.
SimCity 4
How to start a city.
How to work the 2K FPS.
Bioshock 2
The sequel to the 2K FPS.
World of Goo
How to build with, well, goo.


Esperanto Short Summary
A very short summary of the International Language.
Esperanto Details
A more detailed summary of the International Language based on my index card notes.


Note: These are provisional for the moment.

Potato Soup
A fast, unchunky soup made by Madre.
A very thick chocolate treat.


My Animé
My collection of animé.
TV Channels
If you live in Fairmount, Indiana with a sizeable antenna (and a disdain for Comcast), here is what you can get.
Day Trips
Trips I made during my summer vacations.
My house cat.