Available TV Channels in Fairmount, Indiana

If you live in Fairmount, Indiana with a sizeable antenna (and a disdain for Comcast), here is what you can get.

Table of Receivable TV Channels
Ch# Call Letters City Network
6.2  6 News/HTSN
6.3  LWN
8.2  LWS Weather
8.3  LWS Radar
13.2  COZI TV
13.3  MeTV
20.2  V-me (Spanish)
20.3  Create
23.2  Bounce TV
27.1WSOTMarionSunnycrest Baptist TV
29.2  ThisTV
49.2  Create
49.3  Local Weather/Ads
59.2  AntTV


  • The main ex-VHF television stations in Indianapolis (WRTV, WISH, WTHR) provide subchannels for news (WRTV) or weather (WISH, WTHR). For some reason, WTHR's weather channel comes in on analog (ch. 50).
  • AntTV is Antenna TV, a Tribute Company owned network that shows very old TV shows from the Three Stooges to Norman Lear cruft.
  • Bounce TV is a channel for older blacks, and features shows like reruns of Soul Train.
  • Create is a public television network that shows home improvement, arts and crafts, cooking, travel, and other do-it-yourself shows.
  • HTSN provides local high school and college sports, especially football and basketball.
  • LeSEA is a religious television network, the broadcast organ of the Lester Sumrall Evangelistic Association. Its Indianapolis affiliate has been around since the 1970's.
  • LWN (LiveWell Network) is a health and fitness network, the Disney version of Create.
  • MeTV is like AntTV, showing very old TV shows from the 1950s through the 1980s, including Classic Star Trek on Saturday evevings. It replaced NBC Universal Sports starting in 2012.
  • ThisTV shows mostly MGM and UA movies, with some old television series like The Outer Limits (1960's version).
  • V-me (sounded out as 'bey-mey' or 'see me') is a Spanish-language network featuring primetime drama, music, sports, current affairs and Latin cinema, along with world-class kids, food, lifestyle and nature programming.