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After partitioning comes formatting, which gives a hard disk the underlying structure that lets Windows store files (including those that make up itself) and lets ZENWorks install images.

I am assuming here, that you are formatting the Windows half of a two-partition drive prepared in the Partitioning page.

  1. Reboot the workstation.
  2. Choose to boot from the CD.
  3. Choose to boot to the DOS prompt. You should be at the prompt D:\DOS>
  4. Type FORMAT C: and press Enter.
  5. At the cautionary prompt, type 'Y' and press Enter.
  6. Do something else for a half hour or so.
  7. When the format is done, the program display its results. It will ask for a label. Press Enter.
  8. Remove the restoration CD and press Ctrl-Alt-Del to restart the computer.

© 2003 by Andy West. Written 26 November 2003.