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After you installed the ZENWorks partition, and have partitioned and formatted the Windows part of a hard drive, it's time to load the image for that given workstation. I will assume such an image exists under the name GXXX2K.ZMG.

The workstation will reboot to the ZENWorks Linux Install Menu.

  1. Type manual and press Enter.
  2. At the shell prompt, type img and press Enter.
  3. Navigate with your arrow keys to Restore Image.
  4. A screen with three entries will appear. Navigate the entries and buttons with your Tab key.
  5. In the top entry, enter the image server's IP address.
  6. In the middle entry, enter the path and name of the image in UNC format, like this: \\Server\\IMG\GXXX2K.ZMG
  7. Skip last entry.
  8. At the OK button, press Enter.
  9. Do something else for a half-hour or so.

The imaging program, if successful, will return you to the shell prompt. There type config.s and press Enter. At each setting question but the third, press Enter to choose the default. At the third, 'Make this workstation partition active? [y]', type 'n' and press Enter. Otherwise the workstation will always boot to the ZENWorks shell prompt.

When you reach a shell prompt, insert the Imaging CD, type reboot and press Enter.

At the ZENWorks Linux Install Menu, type enable and press Enter. Wait until you see the prompt asking you to remove any diskettes/CDs and to press Enter. Do so. This step is necessary so that you don't reboot to a LI string, where the ZENWorks partition does not load correctly.

At this point, the computer will reboot, first to the ZENWorks partition and then to the Windows partitin, several times. For some images, in the next-to-last step the Novell Application Loader will appear; you will need to do some finishing steps, and then restart the workstation. In the end, the imaging setup is finished when the Novell Client Login appears.

Imaging Errors

When the imaging program bombs, it gives you an error message. These are the most common:

segmentation fault
You tried to image an unprepared partition.
file not found
You mistyped the path/name of the image file. Or the image really doesn't exist.
server not found
You mistyped the IP address of the image's server. Or the workstation is not on the network because the ZENWorks Linux Loader couldn't get an IP address from the DHCP service.

© 2003 by Andy West. Written 26 November 2003.