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Installing A Workstation

This is a historical document. The software mentioned has gone through several versions, if it has not become extinct. The pre-install and maintenance instructions should still be good, though.
— Andy West, 5 February 2008.

In this series:

I will show how to set up a workstation (personal computer) to run Windows 2000 on a local-area network using Novell NetWare 5.x.

I use X:\path\ to refer to a folder on a Novell network at mapped drive X. I use Y: for a user's personal or departmental network drive.

I will not show, for reasons of security, how to sync logins in a Windows 2000 workstation with Novell Client.

I will not show how to log a workstation to a Windows 2000 server network, partly for security reasons and partly out of ignorance. (Truthfully, Linux/Samba is the closest thing I've come to working closely with a WinNT-type network.)

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  1. Your Tools
    1. How To Make A Boot Diskette
  2. Before You Start
  3. Pre-Install
    1. Wiping
    2. Partitioning
    3. Formatting
    4. Imaging
  4. Installing Windows
    1. First Install
    2. Service Pack
    3. Windows Update
    4. Hardware Drivers
  5. Installing Basic Software
    1. Novell Client
    2. McAfee VirusScan
    3. Office Suite
    4. Adobe Reader
    5. Lotus Notes Client
    6. Citrix Client
  6. Maintenance
    1. Hardware
    2. Windows
    3. Printers
  7. Appendices
    1. About This Site…
    2. OSI Reference Model
© 2004 by Andy West. Written 19 February 2004.