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Workstation Maintenance

Workstations need occasional maintenance, especially if they are set up in cluttered or dusty environments.


Wipe the surface of the workstation's case with a damp cloth. Use rubbing alcohol for stubborn marks. Do not use Comet™ or other scouring powders, which will damage the case.

Wipe or vacuum any dust from the intake vents in the back of the case.

From time to time turn off the workstation, unplug it, open the case, and either spray out with compressed air or vacuum out the dust from the workstation. Take care to ground yourself, lest static electricity damage the motherboard and other internal components.


Turn off the workstation before you clean a keyboard.

Wipe the keys and surface of your keyboard with a damp cloth. For stubborn grunge use rubbing alcohol and a hard-bristled toothbrush.

To get rid cruft (crumbs, staples, dust), turn the keyboard upside down and give it a vigorous shake. Then spray with compressed air or vacuum between between the keys to get any stragglers. Use tweezers to remove paper clips and other large cruft.

If a keyboard is regularly getting a lot of cruft between the keys, consider a vinyl keyboard sheath.


Wipe the mouse with a damp cloth. Use a hard-bristled toothbrush to sweep dirt out of seams and between buttons.

For mechanical mice, sweep off the internal rollers and wheels with a toothbrush. Use rubbing alcohol to clean the mouse's ball, scroll wheel, and cable.


Use a cloth dampened with water or (if you have it) Windex™ or othe glass cleaner to clean a monitor's glass and other surfaces.

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