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Installing Novell Client

As stated on the main page, the workstation is connected to a local-area network managed by Novell NetWare. This requires installing Novell Client on the workstation.

The setup program for Novell Client (version 4.9 for 2000/XP) comes on CD disk. If necessary, you can download the Client off the Novell site.

  1. Install the Novell Client CD 1 in the CD drive.
  2. Office setup should autostart in a minute or so. If not,
    1. press the Start button and choose Run… (or press Win-R);
    2. in the Open field, type D:\path\setupnw.exe and press OK.
  3. The first screen is legal boilerplate. Press Yes.
  4. The next screen gives install options. Choose Custom and press Next.
  5. The next screen gives components. The Novell Client is already chosen. Choose the following others:
    1. Novell Workstation Manager
    2. ZENWorks Application Laucher
    3. ZENWorks Imaging Service
    Press Next.
  6. The next screen gives protocols. Choose IP and IPX and press Next.
  7. The final screen gives authentication. Choose NDS and press Next.
  8. Do something else for the next five minutes or so.
  9. When the install is done you need to restart the computer; do so.
  10. When the workstation is restart, the Novell Login box will appear. You will have to add not only the user's Novell name and password, but their server, tree and context as well.

Settings for the login is separate from those for the Client itself. To set up the Client:

© 2003 by Andy West. Written 26 November 2003.