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Windows Update

After you install Windows 2000 and its service packs, it's time to install the latest updates to Windows. Service packs come out every year or so, but in that time Microsoft issues updates and fixes for Windows. These updates need to be installed to keep Windows up-to-date.

You will need to connect the target workstation to the Internet. You will need to install the latest service pack, too, or Windows Update will ask to install it (lots of download time).


  1. Press the Start button and choose Run…; or, Press Win-R.
  2. In the Open field, type Press OK.
    Alternately, you can open Internet Explorer, type in the Address Bar, and press Enter.
  3. As the Windows Update comes up, a Security Update box will appear if you are updating Windows for the first time. It will ask whether you want to run Windows Update? Answer Yes.
  4. At the Welcome page, there is a single link called Scan for Updates. Click on it.
  5. After the update scan, the Update page will show three categories of updates: critical, Windows and driver.
  6. Click on Review and install updates to review the updates you have chosen (or have been chosen for you).
  7. Press the Install Now button. When the legal boilerplate box appears, press Accept.
  8. Depending on how many updates you are downloading, it will 5-20 minutes. Do something else while you are waiting.
  9. When the updates are done, you will need to restart the workstation. Press Yes on the final box.


© 2003 by Andy West. Written 26 November 2003.