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Early August 2000 Edition

I'm still housesitting at my sister's house, for now my sister is in Wisconsin (or Minnesota, I don't really know which) for a teaching seminar. I still have to watch those crazy cats.

It turns out the television cable got severed by accident by a semi trying to turn a corner at the intersection next to the house. The police reported the downed cable to the cable company, which reconnected me the next day.

There was a grinding noise from the bottom of my car. As the noises happen every time I change gears, I feared it may be my transmission, the most expensive part of a car to repair. Happily it was just the exhaust pipes rattling.

My GI infection never really left, and lately it has reappeared. Now I have twice the Flagyl (same dosage, two weeks' worth). I hope that will fix the problem, because otherwise I will have to be, um, probed.

I have another sister, who's a freelance editor. She has a birthday coming up, and it's hard to think of presents to get her. I usually get her either computer stuff or animé (she was a big animé fan before animé became too mainstream).

Now that Lycos has my Caitlin Clarke Page in its search engine, I decided to submit the page's URL address to the other major search engines: AltaVista, Yahoo!, Excite, WebCrawler and InfoSeek. That was on the last day in July, and so far the page does not turn up on searches in any of the engines.

I have been maintaining the Caitlin Clarke site and my Esperanto page, la Poŝto Dismeo, far more often than I do any other part of the Dysmey Post. I am considering dumping the rest of the Post, or else switch sites so that the Esperanto page is on HostPro and the CC site is on CIOE. Or keep it on HostPro, but not link it to the Dysmey Post anymore.

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