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Fourth of July 2001 Edition

It's been a wet and warm Fourth of July holiday.

Mine started early, right after work, because my home town has its fireworks on the third to avoid conflicts with the celebrations in neighboring towns. I walked with Madre to the park where the van was parked. There I sat watching the local townsfolk walk or drive by.

It had been raining heavily for most of Tuesday, but by the evening the sky had cleared. In fact, in the southeast sky an almost-full moon sat next to a bright Mars to watch the fireworks.

There was a brass band in the park. It was composed of ex-teachers and students from when I was a student. They were playing marches, but it was too far away to hear clearly.

At nine the fireworks began. It was a good show this year, although not quite as good as last year's. The one new kind of firework this year explodes with a colorful ring around the main explosion, like some special effects in SF movies.

A train rode past the park halfway through the fireworks, and the fire department could not resist firing a volley of fireworks. This usually is the sign that the show is over, and some spectators were getting ready to leave when the show resumed. (Surprise)

On the fourth itself it rained most of the morning. At lunch we (the folks and I) had the type of flat tasty pizza Madre makes. Otherwise it was an uneventful day.

Linux+ Exam

I signed up for the CompTIA Linux+ exam on the morning of the sixteenth. This is a beta exam that will last two and a half hours. This means I will miss a half-day of work for this. But the price was good (ninety dollars) and I don't have to travel hundreds of miles to take it (like I would if I took the RHCP Linux exam).


I will be moving to my sister's house later this coming Sunday. Even though the books and tapes from on top of my dresser are already boxed, I still have a lot to do to get ready.

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