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Hostway Edition

Adieu, Interland

This edition is the first to be posted on the new Hostway site. If you can read it, then the domain transfer from Interland is complete. The e-mail addresses should also work. I should be settled in by the 26th of this month.

I am not impressed with Interland's paucity of web hosting options, nor with the impression (from its web site) that the company is more concerned with gaining and keeping business clients than individuals.

I will admit that the transition from Hostpro to Interland last year was smooth compared to jolt in going from VServers to Hostpro. But Hostpro users like me got no benefit from the merger, esp. as many site support features available to regular Interland users were not available to Hostpro folks.

My sister Vickie's experience (or lack thereof) with Interland's technical support—when she got no answer to her problem about crackers abusing her anonymous FTP—convinced me it was time to move on.

For the rest of you…welcome!

This edition covers most of April, and will take the form of my hometown newspaper: A series of paragraphs strung out with no apparent relation among them. It would drive an old-style rhetoric teacher nuts.

April is in its last week. It has not been eventful apart from the weird weather.

It's like a monthly review of all four seasons!

The new i-Net+ certification exam from CompTIA is out. I took the beta exam, and finally learned that I passed it with a wide margin. This leaves me with the Linux+ exam (I failed its beta last year). I will take it at Ball State on the Friday of my vacation next week.

The folks went on a two-week vacation in Florida to see the annual air show in Tampa. I have been house-sitting all that time. Apart from some decent Sunday lunches—small steaks marinated in red wine and herbs with spicy French fries, it has been a quiet time.

The town museum, which faces my house across the street, is being renovated, mostly to remodel the exhibits and improve the climate control. There will be an 'open house' to show off the new interior sometime next month.

A bunch of MIT students with a teddy bear and a lot of time on their hands decided to assimilate the teddy into the MIT collective. The result: Teddy Borg*.

hoosier follies

My home state of Indiana has been dragging itself through the mud lately. It is last among the fifty states and the federal district in economic growth and in college-educated workers living here. It leads only in jobs lost. Indiana is now to the 21st century what Appalachia and Mississippi were in the 20th: an impoverished backwater.

Worse, my state's leaders saw this coming as early as a decade ago, and sat on their hands. Now we pay for their incompetence.

We are in our latest mess because the governor is a bellyacher and the legislators of the General Assembly are purblindly ignorant to our economic plight. During this year's 'long' (three-month) session, futile wrangling was the only thing that was done. The governor blames the legislators. The legislators blame the governor, and also their constituents for not 'telling them what to do'. What chutspah!

The governor has cut back on education, parks and recreation, and other outlays in order to close the budget gap. (One county has had to take over a state park to spare itself economic harm should the park close.) But the biggest deprivation will come when all those pork-barrel projects funded by the sales of lottery tickets will be put on hold indefinitely because the lottery monies are now being poured into the deficit.

Let us all hope my fellow Hoosiers remember the incompetence of their legislators this November, and vote them out of office.

*There was a link to this (http://draco.mit.edu/teddyborg/index.html), but it's gone now. I thought it was cute.
—Andy West, 4 June 2002.

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