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Early January 2003 Edition

I have been overhauling my web site for the past couple of weeks. The main work has been separating this page from the Caitlin Clarke Page and the Fairmount Web Spot, which now fork off from the lovely deep blue splash screen.


I got off work after 1 o'clock on XMas Eve and spent most of it at home. I went to the folks' house the next day. I got clothes, mostly, and the Reign of Fire DVD.

That week was spent at work prepping as many computers as we could with Windows 2000, which my boss regards as the sturdiest version of Windows available. I would beg to differ on that, but I won't argue the point. My employer is a commercial business that quakes at the idea of anything but Windows, no matter what its flaws.

new year's day

No half-day off beforehand for this holiday. Oh, well. I spend this day at the folks' having a T-bone steak for lunch and the late afternoon and evening watching the Iron Chef marathon on the Food Network (which I can't get with basic cable).

first fortnight

The first two weeks of the year have been miserable. While there has been little snow, it has been bitterly cold so far: I mean weather no warmer than 0°C (32°F). I have had to run a trickle of water from my kitchen tap to keep the pipes from freezing.

I also had to wrap the kitchen back door, the windows in my room and the stairwell to the unused upper floor with heavy sheets of plastic to block out the cold. I did this after I got the first gas bill I had to pay, and I paid through the nose! Even with the reminding credit, it was still horrific. That drove me to set the thermostat down to 66 °F (19 °C) and wear sweaters in the house.


I typed out what I think 2003 will get us, like I did last year. The thing got so big I put it in a separate page, What 2003 Will Bring.

Someone e-mailed me for help with his Snappy. We wound up finding the same site at the same time, where the drivers for this video capture device were. But while I sought I found out what happened to the company that made the device. Find out in Snappy Again.

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