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Easter 2003 Edition

Easter was a lovely day. It rained only briefly, and not during the times I was outside. The front yard was blooming with tulips and daffodils. The lawn was low (Padre mowed it yesterday) and sprinkled with violets. All in all, it was a good day.

Easter dinner was pork roast seasoned with fennel and mashed potatoes. It was a very nice change from the traditional Easter meat, ham. I don't like ham all that much.

Afterwards I turned on Madoka, when back to the house, and try to read the web page off of that server. No dice: I could not reach it. I later walked back and turned the box off, but not before visiting the Right Stuf site and buying three Miyazaki animé.

visits by Tina

Tina walked with Vickie to check her mail. Damn if I forgot to ask Vickie to check the pipe under the kitchen sink that goes to the outdoor tap. That tap is busted, so that I can't run water from it for more than a second before it starts dribbling back under the sink.

Later Tina walked over again, this time with her daughters Erin and Megan, and a skinny fellow of Megan's named Ash.

Erin cajoled and begged for my Cowboy Bebop DVDs. She's kidding, right? I got the latest one only yesterday!.

I found that Rolling Stone had been sending their magazines to Megan despite her wishes. She doesn't pay for them, but she gets them anyway. Good. I get to keep the back issues. But Rolling Stone does not look very bright in light of that, now, does it?

Megan tried to pet Thyme, the thin cat, but Thyme fled like hell over the kitchen counter, splashing water and stepping in my popcorn bowl. Thyme does not like strangers at all. At the time Tina adopted her and Isis, Megan was already living elsewhere. Thus Thyme did not know her from any other human female.

Isis, on the other hand, was enjoying all the attention everyone was giving her. So was Baby, the grumpy cat.

debian linux

Vickie directed me one day to the Debian Linux web site, and after reading it I decided to give Debian Linux a try. I installed it on an old Gateway GP6-333 with 64MB RAM and a 5-GB hard drive. The text-based install procedures were fairly straightforward, and in a little over a half-hour I had myself a decent web server.

I could take that box and make it into the Mailman server Vickie wants for her Freelance mailing list. It would carry its own problems, though, the biggest being the need for backup (it has no tape drive or CD burner).

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