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First of August 2003 Edition


It was auto repair time last weekend. I had an oil and lube change on my car. The car had sounded like a lawn mower for weeks. The lube folk found a hole in my catalytic converter.

The next day I drove to a muffler place to have the damage fixed. More rust damage was found. My muffler and most of the exhaust system had to be replaced.

Then on Monday I went to Sparks, an car tuneup place, to get the engine tuned up. The spark plugs did need replaced, but so did the wires between them and the rotor...and the rotor itself. The guy there also wanted to replace the starter, which gives me occasional trouble when I turn the ignition. But since that would double the already hefty bill, I said no.

The car now runs quiet and better than when I bought it. I am also six hundred dollars poorer.


My boss is off to do his two weeks a year for the Army Reserve. Fortunately for the Company he is part of a unit that is not likely to see action in either Iraq or Afghanistan.

While he is gone I am to set up Win2K workstations in the main office with the same kind of installation, the ignorance of which got me in serious trouble a couple of weeks ago. No, I won't mess anything up this time, because I was given instructions on how to do the installs.

At least, that was the impression I got.

My first workstation was relatively simple. Its user, who handles the company's supplies, does only two things with that workstation: read e-mail and use an accounting package.

The instructions began to fail when I worked on my next workstation. It had complex programs, two of which I had to reinstall because they don't store their settings where Win2K expects them.

I'm not sure I want to do the remaining workstations. Thankfully, I have not had time to do more than those two: we've been busy this week.

Supplement (5 August 2003)

In a past posting I predicted that the Linux community would not stand for SCO's extortion. That prediction is coming true: Red Hat is now out for SCO's scalp. You go, Red Hat!

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