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Late November 2003 Edition

It has been two weeks or so since I was let go.

The heavy feeling in my belly, brought on by fear for the future, has gone away. I have learned not to worry about tomorrow: "Each day has enough trouble of its own." Now I have to do something about this cold I caught this week!

It had been a pleasant Indian summer with mild temperatures until this past Sunday. After that it got cold…very cold. And that's where I got the cold.

During the warm last week, I talked with Vernon and Debbie (my former co-workers) and a very kind lady who works at the Bracken (whose daughter is a dear friend and former co-worker). I got references from them (props to them!). On a second visit, I dropped off an application for a night operator job.

Okay, I have a résumé, references, skills, and an explanation for why I was let go. What next?

I visit the websites for CareerBuilder and the state employment office. The available jobs for someone with computer skills like mine are few: But they are there, and I have been applying for them. But the Thanksgiving holiday seems like a hurdle that must be crossed before I hear anything from those I applied to.

As for Thanksgiving itself, it was a good meal with the folks, Vickie, Tina and my niece Erin. We had turkey, sage stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls and pumpkin pie. Afterward I read Erin's school book on Japanese tales while checking out the new TV in the bedroom. (The original TV lost two of its three color guns, giving images a photo-negative look.) I returned home with some turkey for the cats.

I have spent some time creating a site that explains how to set up a Gateway workstation on a Novell network. I had to make it general, without anything about my former employer. I did this to prove that I can (when given an opportunity), and as a reminder of the work I did at my former employer.

On a side note, Mink's Lame Home Page—the site that inspired me to set up my own—has awakened after a months-long sleep. Welcome back, Mink!

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