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The Leap Day 2004 Edition


The snows of the first two weeks of this month have almost gone with the pleasant weather (pleasant for winter at least). The leap day weekend promises sun and temperatures in the fifties.

the new doctor

I visited my new doctor this past Monday. She told me I do need to check my blood sugar regularly, since I was taking such a high daily dose of metfo. I was also told to dump the Ivory soap I have used for years, and switch to a moisturizing soap like Lever 2000, to relieve the red, dry skin on my hands and legs.

I also had blood drawn for two tests: one to check my kidneys, the other my hemoglobin. A call the next day reported the tests were normal.

After the visit I went to the local pharmacist and bought a blood glucose measuring kit. The handheld monitor kit was cheap, but the test strips and lancets were not, as the doctor warned me.

Every morning now I wash my hands, put a test strip in the monitor, prick a finger with a lancet and put a tiny drop of blood into the free end of the test strip. The strip is in fact an electrical circuit, which is broken at the free end. That circuit is closed when the blood is inserted. The monitor measures the electrical current through the blood for ten seconds to determine the glucose level. The monitor also stores measurements over a period of thirty days, and computes their averages.

marriage folly

I don't know the reason for the recent uproar about marriage. Americans have been trashing it for decades by marrying out of ephemeral feelings, then getting easy divorce when those feelings disappear. In light of this the debate over gay marriage is hypocritical.

Besides, if America was that concerned about its moral rectitude, it would have (among other things) crushed Hollywood like a cockroach a long time ago. But then, I'm talking about a people who can't tell the difference between piety and righteousness. Look how our ancestors were befuddled over John Rockefeller, a straight-arrow fellow who taught Sunday school, yet who was a most ruthless businessman whose tactics are still practiced today--the personification of American business ethics.

Anyway, it looks like the state legislature is letting out early as a side-effect of the gay marriage crisis. Republicans wanted a constitutional amendment banning marriage among gays. The Speaker of the House, a Democrat, refused, thinking it unnecessary. Republicans thought otherwise, fearing what happened in Massachusetts would happen here. An impasse came about, and the angry Republicans walked out. Now the speaker threatens to adjourn the House early; the Senate will follow suit if he does.

If that happens, it may be a good thing. Most of the bills in consideration are harmful in one way or another; early adjournment means none of them can be made into law. Sounds good to me! Adjourn! Do the people of Indiana a favor.

Copyright © 2004 by Andy West. All rights reserved. Written on 28 February 2004.