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Doom 3 — Summary

The Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC) is the largest corporation ever. It specializes in space exploration and transport, scientific research, and even archeology and linguistics. Behind its amiable public relations is the amoral psychopathy of a modern corporation that seeks profit over all else.

It is 15 November 2145. You are a space marine sent to the UAC Mars research facility. Travelling with you are Elliot Swann, a tough investigative counselor, and his bodyguard, a marine veteran named Jack Campbell. Swann has come to look into reports of accidents and aberrant behavior and to reign in Malcolm Betruger, the facility's chief scientist.

You acquaint yourself with the facility. You also learn that you've replaced a marine who went nuts and had to be shipped out. In time you report to your commanding officer, Sergeant Thomas Kelly, who gives you your first assignment: To find a missing scientist.

When you find the scientist you learn he is trying to warn Earth about Betruger. But it's too late: A wave of demons is unleashed through the main teleport portal. The facility goes berserk; your comrades turn into murderous zombies; and demons of all kinds seek you out to destroy you.

Level Summary Weapons Cab:Code Monsters
Mars City You arrive at Mars base with Swann and Campbell. After receiving your PDA, you explore the base. You get your first orders from Sgt. Kelly (Sarge). Fists 001:396  
Mars City Underground You search for a missing scientist. When you find him the invasion begins, after which you fight your way back to Mars City. Flashlight
023:531 Zombie
Mars City (post-invasion) You fight through the ruined base to Marine Command HQ. From a distant post Sarge orders you to hook up with Bravo Team in the Alpha Labs. Machine Gun1 017:347
Administration The suits have obviously fared badly as you follow Swann and Campbell to Alpha Labs. Here you first behold enemy teleportation. Grenades
Alpha Labs 1 You make your way around the EPD beam, the disgusting Maggot Room, and the Hydrocon Lab (careful with that gun!).   009:792 Maggot
Alpha Labs 2 You pass through the MFS Compressor Lab to find Edwards, who guides you through dark corridors to an exit ladder that (unknown to him) leads to a nest of trites.   038:409
Alpha Labs 3 You play a crane game3 with toxic barrels, then shoot your way to Alpha Labs 4.   047:123
Alpha Labs 4 You save a scientist from inside a reactor (if you're smart), navigate the treacherous EPR plant and battle a spider queen. Plasma Rifle1 064:651 Vagary
EnPro Plant After an imp hunt with a sentry bot, you fix a reactor that's about to explode. You then get a transmission card from a dying Bravo Team marine.   063:972
Lost Soul
Communications Transfer From the Martian outdoors to a service tram maze, you pop Cacos along the way as you head for Communications. Chainsaw none Cacodemon
Chainsaw Zombie
Communications As you fight your way up to the communications satellite room, you begin to wonder about the wisdom of completing your mission. Who do you trust?   054:246  
Recycling 1 The bridge to the monorail station falls apart before your eyes, so you have to cross the recycling plant with its room full of toxic goop.
Official name: Monorail Skybridge.
Rocket Launcher none Revenant
Recycling 2 Betruger deigns to notice you at last as he fills your air with poison and sends you baby (and Baby Huey4) monsters.   003:483 Cherub
Monorail Just as you finally reach the monorail to Delta Labs, that magic guy Betruger throws more obstacles in your path.   054:142
Commando Zombie
Delta Labs 1 Welcome to Delta Labs. The main teleporter is your ultimate goal; but first you need to power up the Labs' reactor.   21d:298  
Delta Labs 2a After a shootfest with zombies and commandos, you help a scientist repair a teleporter in order to venture deeper into the labs. BFG-9000 112:538
Delta Labs 2b Here you find lots of Imp specimens (many of whom are at large) and a reference to the Soul Cube, which Betruger is determined that you not get.   103:259
Delta Labs 3 You jump from one teleporter to another as Betruger stays one step ahead of you.   317:841
Delta Labs 4 You reach the main teleporter just as Betruger brings in his thugs … big, aren't they?   104:579 Hellknight
Hell You're on your enemies' home turf and it's really freaky. But you are not without help as you fight to recover the Soul Cube. Soul Cube none Guardian
Delta Complex You learn to use the Soul Cube against powerful enemies, then get access to the CPU Complex from a dying Swann, who informs you of Sarge's treachery.   none Tick
CPU Complex As Campbell hunts for Sarge, Betruger makes you work for your access to Central Processing through infested labyrinths and barely passable corridors over streams of lava.   LabA:627
Central Processing For a computer room the landscapes are awe-inspiring as you prepare for your showdown with Sarge — now a mechanized demon armed with Campbell's BFG 9000.   none Sabaoth
(Sgt. Kelly)
Site 3 You learn about the origin of the Soul Cube, the Four Stelae and the people who made them as you make your way to the caverns.   none  
Caverns 1 Your enemies battle you tooth and claw as you descend deep into the Martian rock.   none  
Caverns 2 You pass the fabulous artifacts of a long-dead civilization, and fiends who want to make you an artifact, as you approach the lift that takes you to the heart of darkness.   none  
Primary Excavation This is it: Armed with every weapon you confront Hell's greatest champion in order to seal the great portal from Hell to Mars.   none Cyberdemon
1 Available on previous level after certain puzzles are solved.
2 MBY = Martian Buddy; WRM = weapons room.
3 Called a UFO Catcher game in Japan.
4 A hugh dumb baby duck in cartoon shorts in the 1950's and comic books in the 1960's.
5 SA7 = Storage Area 7; L3A = Level 3 Access: Both are near the exit of Delta Labs 2B.


In the final cutscene, you watch as the Soul Cube slices off the Cyberdemon's leg, then burrows into its head, felling the great monster. As you stand over your vanquished foe, the Soul Cube flies into the Hellhole, touching off a magma eruption that seals the portal for good.

Sometime later a door is cut open. An army of soldiers and sentry bots pour into the Delta Labs. The only survivor they find is you, marine. Elliot Swann is confirmed dead. Malcolm Betruger is nowhere to be found.

Then Betruger's fate is revealed: In Hell he is reduced to his head, grafted to the tongue of an enormous winged monster. We are left to ponder whether Betruger is the monster itself or just a helpless part of a greater evil being. (Get the expansion pack, Resurrection of Evil, and you won't have to ponder.)