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This is the stuff that does not fit well in any catagory.

As a city founded on free enterprise, Rapture has advertising all over the place.
Rapture is as rich an aural experience as it is a visual one.
What passes for inspirational posters in Rapture.
Ryan's kind of books: The boring kind.
Elemental Triad
Fire! Ice! Lightning! All yours.
Identity Codes
Each character gets a code slapped onto their voice.
Keystroke Assignment
What each key does in the PC version.
The (licensed) music of Rapture.
Little propaganda skits to mollify the Rapture public.
Returning Characters in Bioshock 2
Which of Rapture's citizens (besides Tenenbaum) may come back.
Ryan's Speech
Andrew Ryan holds forth on why he built Rapture.
Too Much Time On Bioshock
This is what happens when you play too much Bioshock: You write about it.