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Little Sisters and Big Daddies

little sisters

As in Bioshock, Little Sisters are little girls in whose stomach lining the Adamic sea slug is embedded, and who search the streets of Rapture for dead splicers in order to extract their Adam. However, whereas in Bioshock the little girls came from parents who are Rapture citizens, in Bioshock II the girls are kidnapped by Big Sisters from the coasts of the surface.

Unlike a conditioned Big Daddy, you have choices in how to handle the Little Sisters, whom you will find are quite trusting. After all, you are Mr. B, right? You have the choice to harvest a Little Sister (ahem!), or to adopt her: Carrying her on your back, taking her to sources of Adam (dead splicers, who glimmer when they are extractable), and protecting her as she does her work.

Protecting the Little Sisters is vital: The splicers will attack in large groups, like the museum gauntlet level in Bioshock. And while they will not kill the Little Sister, they will interfere with her work and steal her Adam and, as they do, keep their fellow splicers coming at you.

Upon success the Little Sister gives you some of the Adam she extracts. You can also scrounge up resources off the dead splicers. You will visit two dead splicers for the Little Sister to process before you take her back to a vent. Or, you can just dump her at the vent immediately after you defeat her Big Daddy.

But before long, a Big Sister will throw a fit. Mr. B … Mr. B … Big Sister does not want you playing with me. says the Little Sister.

big daddies

Your standard issue Big Daddies, the Bouncer and the Rosie, will be back in Bioshock 2. But before too long you will encounter a new type of protector. It was meant to make it into the first Bioshock, where it was informally known as the Slow Pro FUM. It was cut at the last minute, though. Now it has been dusted off, redesigned, and renamed the Rumbler. Mr. Rumbler can shoot rocket grenades from his shoulder cannon, and lay out mini-turrets to cover his back.

Updated on 16 May 2010.