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Installing A Workstation

Table of Contents

Adobe Reader
How to install Adobe (Acrobat) Reader 6.0.
Installing Basic Software
A basic group of software and how to install them.
Before You Start
What you need do to a workstation before you prepare it.
How to Make A Boot Diskette
Making a boot diskette for emergencies (Win9x, WinXP).
Citrix Client
How to install Citrix for running Windows apps remotely.
Formatting A Hard Drive
How to format a hard drive after wiping and partitioning.
Imaging A Hard Drive
How to load a ZENWorks image of a hard drive.
Installing A Workstation
Home page of this series.
Lotus Notes
How to install Lotus Notes Client 5.x for uses of Lotus Domino.
Workstation Maintenance
Taking care of workstations and the Windows therein.
Hardware Maintenance
How to take care of the physical computer and its components.
Windows Maintenance
How to take care of Windows and its file system.
Basic maintenance for printers.
Novell Client
How to install Novell Client 4.9 for LAN connections.
Office Suite
How to install Microsoft Office suite.
Partitioning A Hard Drive
How to partition (set up for formatting) a hard disk.
Steps to prepare a hard disk for Windows.
Your Tools
What you need to prepare and set up a workstation.
McAfee VirusScan
How to install McAfee VirusScan anti-virus software.
Hardware Drivers
How to install drivers for hardware components of a workstation.
Installing Windows
Steps to install Windows 2000.
First Install
How to install Windows 2000 for the first time.
Service Pack
Updating Windows with a service pack.
Windows Updates
Updating Windows from the Internet.
Wiping A Hard Drive
Writing zeros onto a hard drive.

© 2003 by Andy West. Written 29 November 2003.